Llama & Lime is the premier publisher of POD planners and family keepsake journals that are both unique and practical. Our planners are all designed to inspire more creativity to make it fun to stay organized, and our family keepsakes journals are personalized treasures that promote family bonding and allow families to create new heirlooms to pass down to future generations.

All our books are printed on demand through Amazon, so the links below each title will take you to the Amazon website where you can learn more about the book and make your purchases. Note that our keepsake journals are available in both hardcover and paperback to fit your preference and will be available on the same page.

Family Keepsakes Heirloom Journals

Specialized personal notebooks to fill up with stories, anecdotes, advice, and moments from life so that they can be shared with current and future generations. These journals are a special way to connect to family, who will enjoy reading and rereading them for years to come.

These journals are exceptional gifts for parents and grandparents so they can fill them out and later give as a special gift to children and grandchildren for graduations or milestone birthdays.

My Little Genius: Memorable Things My Child Said & Did

Words from the Wise: Stories, Advice and Wisdom from Grandad

Words from the Wise: Stories, Advice and Wisdom from Grandma

kidspeak: a collection of funny things my kid said and did

Words from the Wise: Stories, Advice and Wisdom from Nana

Words from the Wise: Stories, Advice and Wisdom from Grandpa

It Runs in the Family: A Family Journal of Funny and Memorable Quotes

Words from the Wise: An Aunt's Stories, Advice and Wisdom

Words from the Wise: An Uncle's Stories, Advice and Wisdom

Insta-Bujo Easy Planner Bullet Journal Style Organizers

The Insta-Bujo was inspired by our love for Bullet Journals - the creativity and personalization that make them so much fun and so wow! - but never having the time to draw all the set-ups (it's so time consuming!). So we thought, let's make the basic outlines to make it easier and faster, then you can put in all the personal touches with drawings, lettering, color, washi tape and stickers. All the fun is yours and the tedious measuring and set-up is ours.

Take a look below at all our styles. We bet you'll want to try them all!

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